Romeo the Fab Lab

Labrador Cross Retriever

From: Sydney
Instagram: @romeo_the_fab_lab

You might already be following the fabulous Romeo, labrador cross retriever, from Sydney on Instagram @romeo_the_fab_lab with a whopping 16K followers & if not you should! He is the sweetest boy!

Romeo was dropped off at Bloomingtails reception where he was greeted by tones of Dog Treats, Dog Toys, Dog Beds and Dog Enrichments. He looked so stylish walking around with his dog bandana, our reception team adored him & he adored them.

It was simply love at first sight!

Romeo had so much fun at Bloomingtails Dog Daycare with his paw-friends & bestie, Millie. After enjoying his dog ice-cream from Doglato, the warm sun & the dog pool at the outdoor playground he went inside with his furry-friends to cool down. We noticed that Romeo loved splooting and staring up at Millie on the dog ramp in our largest inside daycare room – just like the real Romeo & Juliet!

Our bathing team members then called him to let him know his dog bath was ready.


Romeo enjoyed his spa treatment very much. His coat was cared for & washed by Melanie Newman products, the very best! He loved when our bather/groomer, Jess, gave him a special face massage. Ella, our blow dry specialist fluffed his beautiful newly shined coat up so that he is already fur his fur-mum to pick him up.

Romeo, Romeo, Romeo, how much we love that you joined our Bloomingtails family!

Rpmeo Bloomingtails Day Care